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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

King Louis

From his natural physique alone, you can see why King Louis has become such a staple with our breeding programs here at The Family Kennels. Matched with that, The King has an absolutely amazing temperament, that he has boasted time and time again. Patience, intelligence, and an ability to conquer any obstacles put in his way, he has truly earned the title of King. His champion bloodlines ring true in all aspects of Cane Corso Italiano life and show in his undeniable offspring. We are currently accepting applications for the use of King Louis as a stud. 

Chanel No 2

Our first love and real entrance into the Cane Corso Italiano world. As the second Corso of the family, she showed us the true light, complexity, and intelligence of the breed. Her unrivaled temperament and demeanor made it easy for us to decide this was the animal and breed we wanted to explore and work with forever. She is amazing with all walks of life and has a special connection with children, which she has undoubtedly passed on through numerous generations. Her physical working class abilities make her a rock for our breeding programs. Chanel has been instrumental in building the foundation of The Family Kennels.